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SevenUp IE6 warning plugin
Written by Chris Martyniuk   
Monday, 05 October 2009 09:01

I trash IE6 tank-topAny web designer worth their salt would agree that IE6 sucks.  It's over 8 years old, it's not supported by Microsoft anymore, and it's just about time we encourage (cajole?) everyone to move on and upgrade.

There has been a movement in the past 6 months to notify web visitors that they're using an out-of-date browser.  Soon YouTube and FaceBook will officially pull their support. And now you can add this feature easily to your own Joomla site.  Just install this plugin, enable it, and boom you have an IE6 warning.

It's based entirely on the SevenUp code by Howard Jonathan.  His project is here on Google Code.

I hate hearing about my clients' sites being slagged because they look like crap in an outdated, standards-flouting, embarrassment for commercial software like IE6.  Let's be done with it!

You'll find the plugin in Code Downloads > Joomla! Extensions > Plugins


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