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ContentSentry Plugin
Written by Chris Martyniuk   
Tuesday, 06 October 2009 19:01

rockettheme_button_100x100The folks at RocketTheme are always up to good stuff.  A while back, they created the RokAccess content plugin, which filters content based on user groups.

Well, it was written for Joomla 1.x but I needed something for a 1.5 site I was working on.

If you were registered, you'd know that the secret to life is:

(Content visible to registered users only.)

I found some instructions by Lukas White to hack the plugin to work under 1.5, but I needed a bit more... so I upgraded the code to a native 1.5 plugin and added some features.

Please note, this plugin is based on the great work by the folks at RocketTheme but this version is a separate project and not related to RocketTheme and their RokAccess plugin.

You'll find the plugin in Code Downloads > Joomla! Extensions > Plugins


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